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Dear readers, hello! If you`re reading this post, you probably want to know more details about how the translation industry works and how to cooperate with a translator. As a matter of fact, you face some problems causing translation services. And the third variant is, for instance, you would like to find an excellent translator who can provide the high-quality translation services to develop your project in different industries. Therefore, you can find some information containing in my brief bio. I hope that it helps you understand better translation services and translator.

I`m Aleksandr. And you can call me shortly, just Alex.

I`m the translator who has a reach experience in the business translations. Above all, I participated in a lot of business meeting between CEO of companies from different companies. Besides, I also accomplished a technical translation relating to the installation of different types of industrial equipment and production lines, their maintenance, repair, and upgrade. In addition, there were the contracts that amount was 25.000.000 USD. Meanwhile, I often did a translation in the field of metallurgy, metalworking, machine tools, electrical equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

The list of the translation services I provide:

A business meeting
During a business negotiation about technical audit of the existing lines at factory …

1) Technical translation~You can read some of my posts about it. For example, they are “Why do you need a technical translator?”, “What is a translation for metallurgy and metalworking?”, “How to determine the translation cost?”. Well, I do a translation of the following technical documents:

Installation instructions for industrial equipment;
Manuals of equipment operating; maintenance manuals;
Technical standards
& requirements;
Drawings, and etc.

2) Legal translation. In other words, it is a translation of legal documents in the field of corporate law and civil law, business law, protection of intellectual property rights. You may also read some useful post. For instance, “Why is it important to find a legal translator?” In the first place, the legal document I did are:

Industrial equipment supply agreements;
Export agreements;
Service agreements;
Technical audit agreements;
Industrial site lease agreements;
Joint venture agreements;
Claims for protection of intellectual property rights, and etc.

3) Translation of marketing materials;

4) Localization of company websites. In this situation, some posts can be very helpful for you. For instance, they are “How to localize your site?”, “How to do site localization professionally?”, “Localization in Russian, German or in Chinese?”

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