Powerful benefits you take from a legal translator

Powerful benefits you take from a legal translator
A legal translator helps you to hold a successful business meeting…

Benefits of legal translator & translation for you

Nowadays, a lot of companies try to reach out to the international audience. As a result, they have increased the demands of legal translation. These companies contact local legal translators to produce high-quality and accurate content. Further, we take a look at benefits you can take if use a legal translator.

Firstly, companies also require translators to be precise. Secondly, companies need them to have a strong understanding of current legislation and terminology. Therefore, that is the main reason why working with a legal translator can give you some benefits.

Translation has a significant value when it comes to legal matters. Legal translation is the conversion of a legal text or document from one language into another language. The legal system in different countries is very influenced by its culture. Culture also plays a significant role in the legal systems. As you know, every word has a lot of different meanings. And that is uniquely right if we talk about the legal area. As a result, legal translation should be very accurate.

If you operate in multiple language demographics, accurate translation is essential on several stages. Sometimes, law firms neglect translation services. That neglect leads to inefficiency and lost cases. For example, there are documents that your startup needs to translate from English into Russian. Some of these translations attached to a legal case’s emergency need. Many companies need legal documents translating. This is a very complex task. A little error in the translation results in potential lawsuits and legal exposure. It can also consume time and money.

Legal translator & benefits for law firms

If your business is a law firm, representing your clients is the most vital part of your business model. On the other hand, the best way to serve your clients is to communicate with the court system or other state authorities of country clients are from. A client who speaks a foreign language can ask you to represent him. When this occurs, who can help you but a legal translator? And what kind of benefits you want to get from a legal translator?

Accurate documentation of legal proceedings is substantive to help your clients, isn`t it? So, you should have the most accurate translations possible if you’re dealing with documents in another language. Similarly, it`s the same situation if your documents have to be translated. Every sentence counts in a legal proceeding, so you must consider this. Document translation services can ensure it. When reading a legal document, the words can look foreign even if it’s in your language. The legal concepts need to be translated, so readers know what the word means. Readers also need to know the meaning behind the context of the word. A single translation error in an international document for a legal case can lead to disaster. Every sensitive foreign word or sentence needs to be clearly understood, so your legal arguments are precise.

A legal translator Alex participates in the international exhibition in China...
A legal translator Alex participates in the international exhibition in China…

The legal translator speaks the same language as you

I get requests from lawyers like this: “We need you to translate a contract for us because you`re an experienced legal translator.” This is a reasonable request. After all, a lawyer wants assurance that a translation project will be done by a qualified provider.

I understand it. So, while translating some documents, I use my experience and background in the Civil Law of the Russian Federation. As you know, education and experience matter much in this field. A legal translator should have a legal specialty and legal translation experience.

As you know, legal systems can be differing from country to country. And that is merely obvious when we speak about the legal system in Russia. So, to find a legal translator in Russia is a great idea. You can use him because he can translate documents reliably.

As mentioned, for many clients from non-English speaking countries who need legal services, English is not their mother tongue. You ensure your clients feel comfortable and more comprehensively understand the contents of your services you provide the information in their language. Just a few of your competitors have considered the gains of translation services. Consequently, you can gain the advantage of demonstrating your firm’s inclusivity and heightened cultural awareness. Professional translation is essential to avoid legal and professional risks. An inadequate translation can mislead existing clients and potential clients about the law.

Benefit #1: The legal translator helps you to prevent legal mistakes

In your company, you may need to hire a source language legal expert because his knowledge and skills save you a lot of time and effort. It also provides you with knowledge and skills that prevent you from unintended legal mistakes. The legal errors can and will create negative legal consequences for you or your clients.

As you know, in the legal field, no matter what you do, precise language has to be used in every document. There are two questions you can ask yourself:

Do you need translation services at all times or just sometimes?
Do you need the translation to be extremely exact and accurate?

Furthermore, in the legal field, you need a word to give more specifics to work with. A translator can give you the meaning behind the written word. When you start business negotiations with a foreign party, you have to consider the language of your contract. Is it English or the foreign language (Russian, German, and Chinese)? Or does your agreement use two languages: English and the language of your foreign party? Further, the next question is which language will be official? And which language will apply if there is a conflict between parties?

A legal translator Alex and his German-speaking colleagues in China...
A legal translator Alex and his German-speaking colleagues in China…

Multilingual contracts and legal translation

In most cases, attorneys write contracts in English only. As you know, the most common languages for international business contracts include English, Chinese, Russian, and German. A lawyer can add a clause indicating that English is the “official language” of a contract. Meanwhile, the lawyer may forget that the other party is not a native speaker of English. It shows arrogance and dismissive tone, and it is not helpful for international business negotiations.

A usual translator may have to choose between several words in a foreign language for a particular legal concept, a lawyer used initially in a legal contract. Indeed, a translator who does not have a background in Civil Law may not correctly understand a description of goods (services) and even their usage in the legal area. Therefore, the right way to ensure an accurate translation is to review it clause by clause for inconsistencies.

As a result, an ideal solution for you is to use a legal translator. He can provide a legal opinion relating to the exact language for a legal area. Furthermore, it is quite hard to enforce abroad judgments that are obtained in the courts of the USA or the E.U. Consequently, if you signed up a multilingual contract, you also have to think where a dispute is most likely to be brought once you enforce it. Have you considered your contracting partner has assets only in his home nation?

Is your partner in Russia? In that event, you need a Russian legal translator!

For example, your partner has assets in Russia. Thus, your best choice for enforcement is to make Russian the official language of a contract. In this situation, if you expect to litigate in a Russian national court, court personnel may not speak English. Or they are not going to read English. Above all, the rule of court procedure requires using the local language (Russian). A contract is a single language that makes the proceedings faster, cheaper, and more straightforward. You may use an English agreement as a reference for yourself.

Your lawyer will need a linguist who is trained in the nuances of the written words within the document. That’s because a legal translator can find hidden subtext within words that mean quite different. On the other hand, this subtext has to be identified by a local translator. In most cases, a local legal translator can do it, because source language is his mother tongue and his background in law.

Benefit #2: You face language barriers? Legal translator is here!

When companies from the USA or from the E.U. want to run their business in Russia, they face language barriers. The official language in Russia is Russian. Therefore, your company needs to translate specific documents into Russian to run your business in Russia. Your records need to be accurately translated. A local translator can provide the necessary quality of translation.

When engaging the service of a professional translator, look for a linguist that is qualified as a legal translator. That is to say, a linguist needs to have a deep understanding of the law so they can field questions your business might have. Furthermore, the global community is becoming more widespread. With the growth of international business relations worldwide, legal caseloads involving overseas clients will continue to increase. As a result, a local translator is an essential assistant for you.

Situations when you need legal translation

Above all, there are different situations when you need legal translation services. Further, you can see some documents a legal translator helps you with:

1.        Legal documents for business purposes
2.        Trademark, copyright, and patent
3.        Tenders
4.        Business contracts for overseas transactions
5.        Financial records involving foreign banks
6.        Corporate documents, warranty
7.        Statements
8.        E-discovery for litigation claims
9.        Translation for businesses expanding overseas
10.      Certificates
11.      Appeals

There are also numerous multilingual contracts:

1. Sales agreements between U.S. & E.U. and foreign entities
2. Representation of manufacturers
3. Representation of distributors performing services for international manufacturers
4. Service agreements for a foreign entity
5. Joint venture agreements between foreign entities 6. Tort claims against foreign entities.

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