Localization in Russian, German or in Chinese?


Importance of site localization in Russian, German, Chinese

This post is about a website localization in Russian, German, and Chinese. Website localization and translation are powerful tools to strength business. For example, you want to find the clients from Russia, Germany or China. And for this, that all you need is to know something about localization. Well, here we go!

Now, companies are looking for new chance to expand business. Only increases the number of clients lead to business development. With the progress of IT, business processes have also the changes.

For example, companies promote goods or services via the Internet. As a result, we see a vast variety of resources. They are industry websites, online stores, specialized Internet platforms. If use standard ways you will reach the borders.

Therefore, to further develop business, you think about new options. One of such ways is the entering a foreign market. For example, you want to sell products to Russia, Germany or China. Or you would like to sell your service. During offering goods or services, companies can use special tool. For instance, that`s the native language of their buyers. For sure, it requires a high-quality translation and localization.

Needless to say, localization in Russian, German and Chinese is useful for you. Especially, if you want to bring business to Russia, Germany or to China. For example, your company would like to enter the EU market. In this situation, localization is just vital for you. Or maybe, you want to make money in China. In turn, site localization into Chinese is essential as well.

Site localization

Main benefits of site localization in Russian, German or in Chinese

Depending on strategy, you may need multi-language solution. For instance, site localization provides some great benefits. Let`s say a few words about them. They are:

  • Increased traffic;
  • Additional coverage of the target audience in another country;
  • Increased the loyalty of foreign customers;
  • Win over other competitors;
  • Positive associations related to your brand with new clients;
  • Increasing market share for the company.

Increased traffic.

If you translate site and do localization in Russian, German or Chinese, a site becomes much competitive. Why is it happened? The reason is really simple. As you know, search engine takes such site to a higher position. Well, foreign users type the keywords in search engine in mother tongue. But what can you do if your online shop has so much items? In this instance, you can start from some main parts. It will also ensure an increase in positions.

Additional audience coverage in Russian, German or Chinese

Site translation and localization enable you to enter the global market. In other words, addressing the buyers in their language (Russian, German, Chinese) creates closer relationships with you. Studies show that, a website visitor reads one-fifth of the content. Accordingly, a website visitors will read even less if the information is not in their native language. Especially, for locals in Russia or in China, whose English level is not sufficient to communicate.

Loyalty and brand recognition.

It allows your buyers to reinforce a secure emotional connection with your brand. Thus, you show respect to them. In addition, it gives the brand professionalism.

Be over your competitors in the market in Russia, Germany, and China!

Only a small part of business owners understands the benefits of translation. They do not want to spend a budget on translation. On the contrary, they mainly focus on purchasing external links. But it is not such efficient in long-term conditions. Creating a new language version of the site allows you to scale your business. What is more, it opens a new door in front of you.

A professional translator do the high-quality translation of website content. In addition, he do the proper localization of you site. And you may choose a suitable language for you: Russian, German or Chinese. Translator takes into account the mentality and cultural preferences of the target audience. He does an adaptation of your website. It is needful to identify the clients and topics that will be of interest to them. Advertising slogans should still convey the original meaning after the translation. And it must still generate a positive image of your brand. Right? Yes. That`s all about localization for the corresponding market. In other words, market in Russian-, German- or Chinese-speaking countries.

Languages for site localization: Russian, German, Chinese

Here is a list of several languages. Sure, I can help you to translate or localize your site. So, let`s say about them:

1) English.

English is an international language of business and science. People in 94 countries use English. It is native to 379 million people. By the way, around 700 million people speak English as a foreign language. English is also the official language of 20 international organizations. 28% of all books in the world are in English. 50% of scientific and technical publications are in English. 90% of information on the Internet is also stored in English. In 45 countries, English has the status of an official or second official language.

2) Chinese.

More than 1.31 billion people, or 15% of the world population, speak Chinese. For many decades, the “Chinese train” continues to make a large contributions to the world economy. Chinese companies also run their business projects in other countries. It is an interconnected social and economic process. Chinese is the second most popular language among Internet users. As we know, East and Southeast Asia also improve IT. That is why Chinese may soon displace English as the most widely used language on the Internet. During localization, you can choose either Simplified Chinese (so-called 简体字) or Traditional Chinese (so-called 繁体字). The first type is available in Mainland China (PRC), the second in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou province.

3) German.

About 130 million people consider German their mother tongue or second language. Another 289 million people also speak this language. Now, 15.4 million people around the world learn German. In addition, German is the official state language of seven countries. They are Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. Germany is the leading economy of the European Union. By the way, Germany is also the “economic engines” of the world economy. This country takes the 3rd place in the world by R&D costs. That is why German is so important for scientific research. German is used in medicine, social sciences, psychology, art.

4) Russian.

Russian is the native language of more than 180 million people. 300 million people in the world also speak Russian. Besides, Russian is the third most widely spoken language on the Internet. Currently, English has the first place, and Chinese is #2. Famously, Russia is the third powerful country. In addition, Russia has a large square and is reach in natural resources. Besides, there are
many free niches for your business. Certainly, that all is a great chance for you. In addition, Moscow has the highest concentration of billionaires in the world. Russia is famous for its professional engineers and high-level programmers. By the way, Russian is one of the most popular languages in scientific and technical literature. For example, in such scientific disciplines as physics and mathematics.

Who can be interested in site localization in Russian, German, Chinese?

Certainly, a new site version is relevant for you. For instance, you need special traffic. At the same time, you need pay attention to the clients requests. You sell product and search new markets. Meanwhile, if you want to attract your customers it is your option. And localization in Russian, German or in Chinese helps you a lot.

After you choose the localization language, translator starts his job. During this, he knows about all features of target language. Translator helps you to make search engine to be more friendly to site. As we know, search engines respond well to the translated site. By creating a new language version of the site, you can significantly increase traffic. On the other hand, you can save a lot of money on paid promotion.

Please, remember: there is someone who is able to help. I`m glad to support you in this field. Your site can bring to you more then you can even imagine. Once you need my help, please contact me. I speak English, German, Russian, and Chinese.